Friday, 16 September 2011

The new Perfumed Garden

A few words about my show FYI: I am solely responsible for show creation. I choose my playlist for each show.
My only criteria for selection of tunes is that I love the music. I do not get paid to play, I only play what I love, I take great care in putting every show together and every show is unique. I am always conscious of my audience and will occasionally play some familiar tune to anchor my audience a little. I feel most of my audience will be exposed to a lot of music they may not have heard before, so an occasional piece that is familiar that I love will help the in show experience.
The Perfumed Garden in it's new form began playing late Novemeber 2010 and to date I have created and played over 200 shows online. In the beginning both I and my partner Jeff who takes care of the sound processing and stream had no idea if there would be an audience for a show like this. For the first week or so we averaged approx 4000 listeners per night. Week by week the numbers grew, and now it's september 2011 and we have close to half a million global listeners, and numbers continue to grow by the week. All this was accomplished without any marketing, or advertising, it's a viral growth and I'm loving it. This show is not about me, it is about the music and sharing my musical history and tastes with my audience.
As my regular listeners know I avoid genre labels, I couldn't care less, for me if I hear some music and it touches me..genre is not even a consideration. I also shy away from dating tunes, music, real music has a timeless quality and stands the test of time regardless. I do mix things up and take selections of tunes from almost 5 decades of music..from the 60s to the present.
It is my wish The Perfumed Garden in it's new clothes will continue with your help for years to come.

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