Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Want to Advertize in The Perfumed Garden?

When The Perfumed Garden began to broadcast in Dec 2010 we had approx 4000listeners per night in our first week.Currently we have a global audience of more than half a million nightly listeners..Drop me a comment if you want more info.

good to see psychedelia alive and well..60s are back big!

Love this American band...they now get played in The Perfumed Garden...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

What do you think of the show?

We'd love to hear from you..tell us what you think of the show. where in the world do you listen? Drop us your comments.

Friday, 16 September 2011

The new Perfumed Garden

A few words about my show FYI: I am solely responsible for show creation. I choose my playlist for each show.
My only criteria for selection of tunes is that I love the music. I do not get paid to play, I only play what I love, I take great care in putting every show together and every show is unique. I am always conscious of my audience and will occasionally play some familiar tune to anchor my audience a little. I feel most of my audience will be exposed to a lot of music they may not have heard before, so an occasional piece that is familiar that I love will help the in show experience.
The Perfumed Garden in it's new form began playing late Novemeber 2010 and to date I have created and played over 200 shows online. In the beginning both I and my partner Jeff who takes care of the sound processing and stream had no idea if there would be an audience for a show like this. For the first week or so we averaged approx 4000 listeners per night. Week by week the numbers grew, and now it's september 2011 and we have close to half a million global listeners, and numbers continue to grow by the week. All this was accomplished without any marketing, or advertising, it's a viral growth and I'm loving it. This show is not about me, it is about the music and sharing my musical history and tastes with my audience.
As my regular listeners know I avoid genre labels, I couldn't care less, for me if I hear some music and it touches me..genre is not even a consideration. I also shy away from dating tunes, music, real music has a timeless quality and stands the test of time regardless. I do mix things up and take selections of tunes from almost 5 decades of music..from the 60s to the present.
It is my wish The Perfumed Garden in it's new clothes will continue with your help for years to come.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Perfumed Garden with host Mike Wright

Some years ago..LOL! while under my bed sheets trying to grab Radio Luxemburg on my tiny transistor radio I happened on something else. At that time in the UK there was no pop music on radio anywhere in the UK. All we had available was Radio Luxemburg broadcast on AM from Luxemburg. It played primarily top 40 tunes of the day, and often limited playing tracks no longer than 3 mins in length.
What I happened on that night was not radio Luxemburg but something I'd never heard before. It was Radio London, it was a pirate radio broadcast from a ship moored just off the Thames estuary in the UK. I left my dial on this station that night and presently a show began to play it was John Peel's Perfumed Garden was a night I'll never forget. He played music I'd mostly heard of before but never heard on radio..and for me it stoked a fire in me that has never gone out. Exposure to the likes of Captain Beefheart, Love from the US, the Doors and much more. Eventually Radio London was closed down and John Peel soon after began to broadcast for the BBC mostly on sunday's I listened to his BBC show for the years it ran. John Peel opened me to the fact that someone can grow successfully in career doing what they love without compromise in John's case a life of exposing the world to wonderful music as his inherent taste dictated. John sadly passed away in 2004 ..for many year his influence on music in the UK and other places was and remains significant.
Quite recently an opportunity came my way via a friend I'd met online. He (Jeff Byrd) suggested I have a go at making a radio show...With no formal radio show experience or training I took the chance and made a show, the kind of show I'd like to listen to hoping maybe others would like and appreciate my taste in music.
For a few minutes before recording I pondered what to call the show and immediately The Perfumed Garden came to mind. I didn't hesitate. The original Perfumed Garden stoked my lifelong love of music, and although I am no John Peel, like John I play the music I love without compromise. I have never changed that criteria nor will I. As a tribute to John I felt naming my show The Perfumed Garden was very apt, it felt right to me..
Today I host my show The Perfumed Garden and in someways continue the legacy of John Peel, at the same time establish my own identity by virtue of my playlists and my chat. To date The Perfumed Garden in it's new phase has a big and growing and very loyal audience.
It's early days in the life of The Perfumed Garden in it's new's my wish and hope it will be around for some years to come.> MikeW

Bob Harris: Personal reflections on The Perfumed Garden

Bob Harris website, personal reflections on John Peel and The Perfumed Garden.
"Broadcasting ‘…in my stoned solitude from the middle of the North Sea …' John Peel suddenly arrived in my life with a mixture of records, poetry, letters and conversation. The format was diverse, the content an absolute revelation. The show was called ‘The Perfumed Garden'. Even the name was exotic. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. It was instantly clear to me that this was a programme that was stepping way outside of the usual boundaries of playlists and format. The airwaves literally crackled with the sounds of a new generation of music…Captain Beefheart, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Love, the Doors, the Incredible String Band. Whoever this person was, I wanted to be him. I wanted to press a button and be there in that studio, finding this amazing stuff, getting these incredible letters from people who were feeling the same way as me and broadcasting it all for as many people as would listen. At that moment I knew that this was my way forward and that I had to stick by this feeling. That it really was possible to go on air, go out on a limb and just play the music you really loved, with no compromise." wiki

The original Perfumed Garden

The Perfumed Garden was the title given by John Peel to his 1967 late-night programme on the British pirate radio station, Radio London. After several years of work in US commercial pop radio, Peel joined the station in March 1967, on returning to the UK from California. As well as various slots on Radio London's usual three-hour daytime shows, he was allotted the midnight to 2 a.m. programme, then called London After Midnight. wiki
John Peel went on to become the top music radio host in the UK for 30yrs.. Time and again he championed the underdog and lent his support to unfashionable or difficult performers.He continued to broadcast in a similar, uniquely personal style until his death in 2004, encompassing more than thirty years of changing fashions in pop music — and completely ignoring convention. Unlike other DJs, he did not remain preoccupied with the music of his youth, and he rejected opportunities to branch out into television, show business or arts broadcasting. He remained loyal to Radio One, constantly in search of new musical styles, and committed to a young audience - a commitment which determined the course of his career, and which can be traced back directly to the imaginary community he created through the Perfumed Garden.

He continued to broadcast in a uniquely personal style until his death in 2004 >> respect!  > MikeW.